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Improving Quality of Life for Seniors

Provide your clients with the respect they deserve with the help of Dr Joy Siegel Senior Solutions, Inc. Based in Hollywood, Florida, geriatric consultant Joy Siegel applies a solution oriented approach to issues confronting seniors and their families. She also teaches professionals and service providers worldwide acheiving maximum quality of life.

Achieving Best Practices - Long Term Planning

Aging is a huge issue. Never before in American history has there been so many people seniors. Acting as a moral compass, Joy helps elder law, trust, and estate planning attorneys achieve a moral attitude that is needed for the aging. 
She can also be a resource for employee assistance programs. Joy can determine if you are eligible for federal benefits, such as veterans, social security, Medicaid, Medicare. Professional and confidential, she can even provide assistance with reverse mortgages. There are so many benefits available through the Older Americans Act that you can tap into if you know how.

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