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Joy Siegel Senior Solutions is committed to improving the lives of seniors and their loved ones.  

About Joy Siegel Senior Solutions, Inc

Social connectedness and lead to a happy life and improved health.

Areas of Expertise

Working closely with families, loved ones, and professional service providers (estate planning attorneys, financial planners, CPAs, and healthcare providers) we identify root causes of disruptions in the lives of older people.  Once the causes are identified, Joy and her team of committed professionals design and implement custom plans to address the issues and resolve them appropriately.  

Issues addressed include:

  • Economic stability
  • Access to benefits 
  • Nutrition/hydration
  • Personality changes
  • Housing/transitional living
  • Transportation
  • Social isolation/loneliness
  • Health/patient advocacy
  • Safety and environment
  • Community involvement
  • Communication with loved ones
  • Caregiver support

Webinars and Continuing Education

Joy Siegel is a well respected expert on Social Determinants of Health, Cultural Competency, Non-clinical Aspects of Wellness, Finding Joy and Meaning in Aging, Geriatric Assessments, Seniors and Sex, and many other topics.  

Joy is a CEU and CME provider for health-related certifications including:  RN, LPN, LCSW, LMHC, PT/OT, SpT, Massage, and Nursing Home and Assisted Living Administrator.


You don't have to wait for a crisis

The process of aging seems to creep up at a certain point in life when, in fact, we have been doing it since we were born.

Planning for life can be the catalyst for an amazing aging process filled with life's rewards.  We can help plan.

If you find that you or a loved one is in a crisis situation, please call us at 954-328-2391.

There are solutions.  

If you think you have all of the answers, think again

When life presents a challenge brought on by aging and you are suffering, we can help.  Call 954-328-2391.  

You are not alone.

Reach Joy Siegel Senior Solutions, Inc.

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With acceptance comes solutions, we can help.

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AIR: Assess, Identify, Resolve

Our exclusive AIR process gives family and loved ones room to breathe.